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Dave Jesch Shopping Cart Web DevelooperMy name is Dave. I write code.

I’m the Principle and CTO at SpectrOMTech.com. We are a web application development firm specializing in custom eCommerce solutions.

I started writing code when I was a teenager. At the time, I really didn’t know I had a gift. It was simply a way to channel my creativity. I found satisfaction in being able to turn what humans call ‘’monitor gibberish” into working tech soldiers that can help people increase productivity. Besides, I really liked hanging out at the school computer lab (AKA the Squirrel Cage). I quickly realized coding was second nature to me. And I loved it!

I had my first paid consulting job at the age of 16. It was writing software for a CPA in Newport Beach.

By my mid 20′s, I developed and packaged my own software product, Win:Probe. It quickly gained popularity among developers. I’ve since consulted and worked with many large companies specializing in 1.0 product architecture and prototypes.

Around 2007, my wife needed a website built for a non-profit dog rescue group that can track pet adoption data. Since they didn’t have the funding for something like this, they asked me if I’d help out. That was how I transitioned from custom software to cloud-based web applications. If you have a problem with that, blame it on the dogs! (Ouch.  How could you?)

Over the years, as my web development skills evolved, I fell in love with something very few developers want to touch- Shopping Cart Customization and Integration. I find that it satisfies my hunger for traditional architecting skills while working with ever-changing modern technologies. Web integration seems to be a sector I can really sink my teeth into and feel like I had a good meal. It’s like that cheeseburger you’ve been craving for after your wife fed you 3 weeks of salads.

Here’s more trivia about me…

1. I have a twin brother. He’s also a software developer. And no, we don’t code the same way.

2. I need 30 minutes every morning to enjoy my coffee before coding. I have a rule: No coffee. No code.

3. I’m quite funny once you get to know me.

4. My favorite quote: That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. ~ Neil Armstrong

5. My coding philosophy: Solid Code; Creating Light Weight Solutions that support goals and bottom line.

6. My dad was a rocket scientist who worked on cool NASA projects like Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.

7. The first computer I ever worked on was a Bally; in 1978 at a friend’s house. No, my friend wasn’t Fred Flintstone. It was Barney Rubble.

Now, feel free to browse around. To know more about what I do, visit my Resume page.  Or send me a message if you have a tech question regarding WordPress Integration or eCommerce Customization and Migration.  I’m happy to help out however I can. Alternatively, you can shoot straight over to our company site, SpectrOMTech.com

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