My name is Dave Jesch. I’m a Software Architect and Partner at ServerPress, LLC where we build software products that help web developers build the web.

I’m a full stack LAMP developer who loves Object Oriented Programming. This means I architect a project and write code based on a deep understanding of many layers such as server/ host environment, data modeling, web security, business logic, user interface/ experience and more. My goal is to build the most solid foundation possible so that all features added in the future can count on the stability of the original design.

I have over forty years of experience in software development. In fact, my work goes all the way back to the days of IBM Mainframes, microcomputers, embedded software and firmware. I’ve written business applications in BASIC on early computers that only used floppy disks for data storage all the way up to modern-day mass market anti-virus software that’s probably on your computer right now. I have run my own businesses and developed software products during this 40 year period and loved every minute of it. What does this mean? It just means I’m a dinosaur in the computer industry. And I understand the demands and needs from a company owner’s perspective, as well as the importance of sleek user experience in today’s tech-oriented world.

You can count on 3 things when we work together:

  • Solid Code that will grow with your business
  • Safe Code incorporating the latest web security principles
  • Smart Code promoting internal efficiency, code design and superior user experience

Constant technological evolution is something that feeds my curiosity and creativity and I’m always learning new things. I often work with WordPress, CodeIgniter, WooCommerce and more. Here’s a short list of features I’ve implemented for Clients. If you can dream it, I can build it. Feel free to contact me. I would be happy to suggest the right system for your project.

  • Integrate applications with Third-Party APIs.
  • Integrate eCommerce store with external Fulfillment House Systems.
  • Integrate with internal accounting system.
  • Integrate, customize and maximize plugin capabilities.
  • Audit and repair compatibility errors with jQuery libraries.
  • Add additional features/ functionality to existing plugins.
  • Migrate Shopping Cart Products from other site.
  • Convert prices of cart items to other currencies.
  • Display currencies with exchange rates calculated on the fly.
  • Display content in multiple languages selected by user.
  • Custom shipping rates for large/overweight freight items.
  • Custom plugin development.
  • Add new jQuery libraries to theme to add custom effects, fade-ins, popups, sliding content, etc.
  • Build custom applications to Client specifications.
  • Perform security audit on code and provide fixes for issues found.
  • Technical resource for other developers; assisting in architectural and planning phases.


I develop advanced web based applications and tools that help Entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. I constantly grow and acquire new knowledge and skills. I inspire and mentor the next generation of innovative web developers and promote solid code.


  • 40+ years of software development experience, 9 years in security based projects for a well-known security company.
  • Efficiency in code and product design, using Object Oriented code.
  • Ability to learn and grasp new concepts and technologies easily.
  • Work well in a team environment; willing to share ideas, collaborate and mentor others.
  • Articulate and able to write specifications clearly and concisely.
  • Experience with socket programming, TCP/IP and UDP, and Internet protocols.
  • Experience with a broad range of programming languages and environments including: C and C++, Java (applications, applets, servlets and JSP), Assembly Language (80×86, 68000, 8080/Z80 and more), Pascal, FORTRAN, dBASE/Clipper, BASIC, HTML, ASP.NET, C#, PHP, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery and SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005).
  • Passion for learning new skills and technologies and putting them to use in innovative ways.

Work Experience

ServerPress LogoServerPress, LLC.Feb. 2016 to Present
San Diego, California
Title: Software Architect

I design and build features for our two main products: DesktopServer, a local development environment that includes a complete XAMPP stack with additional tools specially designed to make WordPress site creation, development and deployment simple for anyone. And WPSiteSync for Content, a content synchronization tool that allows users to synchronize specific pieces of content between any two WordPress sites with the single click of a button, removing the need to migrate an entire site’s database. Both tools are designed to enhance, simplify and speed up a Developer or Content Creator’s workflow tasks by getting the technology out of the way and allowing them to do their creative work easily.

As part of my work, I collaborate with my team and customers to develop product requirements, write specifications and test plans, develop code, and work with testers and other developers. I also work directly with customers as needed in a support capacity, provide bug fixes and review issue reports and enhancement requests to be added to our software offerings.

SpectrOM LogoSpectrOM Business Solutions, Inc.Dec. 2005 to Feb. 2016
Orange County, California
Title: Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Provided consulting services for business and website owners; specializing in development and customization of open source applications tuned to business needs. Also provide advice and strategies for Search Engine Optimization techniques for customer web sites. My main focus was conversion, whether that’s sales via eCommerce solution, capturing email addresses or registrations to a membership site.

  • Supporting a number of sites employing open source and custom software developed in PHP, MySQL and JavaScript/jQuery as well as Java and C#/ASP.NET.
  • Open source projects include: osCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, WordPress, Expression Engine, Magento and Dolphin.
  • Providing custom WordPress plugin and WordPress theme customization services as well as web application development using CodeIgniter.
  • Perform SEO modifications on WordPress themes to help customer’s site rank better in search results.
  • Perform site optimization to reduce page load time and reduce server resources.
  • Collaborated with other web site owners and developers on design ideas and feature implementation.

One of the significant projects I worked on is the PlatinumMD EMR – an Electronic Medical Record keeping application written as a web application. I lead the team of engineers, helped in screening and hiring, designed many of the initial components and assured code quality to go from start through the certification process in eight months. Specific areas of responsibility include user/permissions system, document management, task management, electronic prescriptions API implementation and others.

I supported several medium to large manufacturing companies in their eCommerce efforts, providing web site design, implementation, custom plugin development, enhanced reporting, custom API implementations, site maintenance, security reviews and optimization.

Symantec LogoSymantec CorporationMay 1996 to Dec. 2005
Santa Monica, California
Title: Principal Software Engineer

I designed and implemented major components of products, often as team leader and significant contributor to the design and development process. While at Symantec, I worked on the following projects:

  • Symantec Enterprise System Architecture “SESA” v2.5 (2005). Implemented the design of a native Windows NT service for endpoint integration into the SESA Management system (previous versions were implemented in Java, native Windows NT implementation required a smaller memory footprint.)
  • Symantec Enterprise System Architecture “SESA” v2.0 and 2.1 (2004). This version of SESA offered an “applicance” install — a pre-configured version of SESA software and hardware that could be simply plugged in to a corporate network and start running immediately. The appliance was set up on a RedHat Linix OS and was capable of integrating with all Symantec products running on any operating system.
  • Symantec Enterprise System Architecture “SESA” v1.0 (2002). SESA was a large project offering management of all Symantec products on a corporate intranet installation. Written in Java and using a web-based management and configuration console, it could run natively on Windows NT/2000, Solaris or Linix and integrate with Symantec applications running on Windows, Solaris, Linux, Netware and other operating systems. It used an SQL database for data storage and web protocols for communication between the end-points and the middleware components.
  • Norton System Center v4.0 (1999). A Windows-NT based Management system to allow configuration, management, monitoring and reporting of a large install base of Symantec products.
  • Norton AntiVirus for Microsoft Exchange v1.0 (1998) team lead. Worked with a team of developers hired from an outside company to design and implement the software.
  • Norton AntiVirus for Email Gateways for Solaris v1.0 (1997) coordinated development team in India. This was a Solaris port of the Email AntiVirus product for Windows NT.
  • Norton AntiVirus for Lotus Notes v1.0 (1997). An AntiVirus product offering integration with Lotus Notes to guard against viruses in email and shared documents.
  • Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls v1.0 (1997) team lead. The first AntiVirus product designed to address the need for virus protection at a corporate gateway. The product employed a web-based management console. The main engine was taken from the Email Gateways product, removed the SMTP interface and replaced it with an API capable of responding to the Firewall’s API and updating the web-based UI. Designed, developed and released in five months.
  • Norton AntiVirus for Email Gateways v1.0 (1997) team lead. The first AntiVirus product designed to address the need for protection from email based virus distributions. This product employed a web-based management console to configure the product and generate reports. It also included the company’s first implementation of a general purpose “decomposer,” a tool used in pulling apart “containers” (.cab, .zip, .lz, etc. files) and performing virus scans on all components held within them. Developed for Windows NT but used SMTP protocols so it was able to work with any SMTP capable Email Server running on any platform. Went from prototype to release in four months.
  • Norton AntiVirus for Windows NT Server v1.0 (1996). This was the first server based, as opposed to desktop based AntiVirus product Symantec produced.
Omega Logic LogoOmega Logic, Inc.Sep. 1991 to May 1996
Irvine, California
Title: Director of Product Development and co-owner

Responsible for all aspects of the product life-cycle including concept creation, prototype, design, documentation, implementation and delivery as well as quality assurance and testing.

  • Developed “WIN:Probe,” a Microsoft Windows system information and troubleshooting tool written in C and 8086 Assembly.
  • Consulting services provided for companies such as Central Pointe Software, Walt Disney Pictures and Television, Wilkes Publishing, Intel Corporation, IBM Microelectronics and others.
Above Software LogoAbove Software, Inc.Feb. 1990 to Feb. 1991
Irvine, California
Title: Software Engineer

Responsible for developing and maintaining software products produced by the company. Among these was AboveDisc, a LIM EMS emulator for DOS, allowing DOS applications access to memory in excess of 640KB. Product was written in 8086 Assembly Language with a plug-in architecture to allow use of XMM, EMM, 80386 Protected Mode, 80286 Protected Mode, and even the Hard Drive as swap-able memory space.

Significant contributions include writing the installer, implemented in C with a text-based windowing library and a complete rewrite of the Function 24 or Memory Move operation, which included the ability to move arbitrary sized sections of memory, across multiple “pages”, without overwriting if the memory areas overlapped. This was implemented in 80×86 assembly language and written over a two week period. I also updated the documentation for the product and helped in working with the testing department to ensure code quality.

To view information on some the work I’ve done, please visit my Projects page. When you are ready to discuss your Project, I’d be happy to share my thoughts and make recommendations. To book a FREE 30-Minute Consultation, you can follow the link or visit my Contact Me page.