As you can see from looking around on this site, I’m more of the back-end “down to the metal” developer. I leave the pretty stuff to the designers. My job is to make sure web security is in place, architect a system that can grow with a business, and works efficiently with a company’s internal systems. Here are some projects that I’ve worked on … past and present. And in no particular order.

  • Integrate eCommerce with Third-Party fulfillment house
  • Integrate with internal corporate accounting system
  • Migrate Shopping Cart Products from other site using different technology
  • Migrate Shopping Cart customers and purchase history from other site using different cart technology
  • Advertisement tracking with ShareASale and Commission Junction Affiliate referrals
  • Automate addition/removal of discount codes based on shopping cart contents
  • Convert prices of cart items to other currencies
  • Calculate and Display currency exchange rates on the fly
  • Display shopping cart pages and product information in customer selected languages
  • Create forms to allow customers to obtain RMA numbers and integrate with CRM
  • Customized reporting of purchase data
  • Editor for customer shipping/billing information
  • Limit cart contents during special promotion
  • Enforce minimum order quantities
  • Integrate with third party shipping system
  • Custom shipping module that integrates with third party shipping company
  • Custom shipping rates for large/overweight freight items
  • Customize cart to act as a quoting system, not displaying prices but tracking order requests
  • Show categories in collapsible accordion for sites with large number of categories
  • Print Packing Slips from shopping cart orders
  • Show videos & custom content on cart category pages

Need some help with your web site? If you need some ideas or have questions on how we can help you maximize your budget drop us a note. We are always happy to help.