As you can see from looking around on this site, I’m more of the back-end “down to the metal” developer. I leave the pretty stuff to the designers. My job is to make sure web security is in place, architect a system that can grow with a business, and works efficiently with a company’s internal systems. Here are some projects that I’ve worked on … past and present. And in no particular order.

  • Integrate store with Third-Party fulfillment house
  • Integrate store with internal corporate accounting system
  • Migrate Shopping Cart Products from other site using different cart technology
  • Migrate Shopping Cart customers and purchase history from other site using different cart technology
  • Advertisement tracking with ShareASale and Commission Junction Affiliate referrals
  • Automate addition/removal of discount codes based on shopping cart contents
  • Convert prices of cart items to other currencies
  • Calculate and Display currency exchange rates on the fly
  • Display shopping cart pages and product information in customer selected languages
  • Create forms to allow customers to obtain RMA numbers and integrate with CRM
  • Customized reporting of purchase data
  • Editor for customer shipping/billing information
  • Limit cart contents during special promotions
  • Enforce minimum order quantities
  • Integrate with third party shipping system
  • Custom shipping module that integrates with third party shipping company
  • Custom shipping rates for large/overweight freight items
  • Customize cart to act as a quoting system, not displaying prices but tracking order requests
  • Show categories in collapsible accordion for sites with large number of categories
  • Allow multiple domains to connect to a single WooCommerce install to share product database and order fulfillment administration
  • Print Packing Slips from shopping cart orders
  • Show videos & custom content on cart category pages
  • Integrate Real Estate data from IDX with site content, caching results to reduce IDX queries
  • Site optimization, database optimization and code performance optimizations
  • Theme and plugin customizations

Need some help with your web site? If you need some ideas or have questions on how we can help you maximize your budget drop us a note. We are always happy to help.