Our Process:

We like simplicity and efficiency. I typically work on a fixed quote basis. This means we will discuss your project needs, evaluate the scope and complexity and estimated timeline to perform the work. A quote with a specific list of tasks to be performed during the development process will be given after discussion. If this quoting process requires Discovery (research on how best to approach the work, taking into account your needs), a fee is assessed. You will know up front before I proceed with any research. This amount paid will be applied towards your project when the working contract is solidified.

Fixed quotes are often the most efficient and budget-safe approach for clients. Discounts are often given based on the scale of the project. When the agreement is signed, I will not exceed the quoted amount unless additional work is requested from the client. Once the quote is approved, you will receive a work agreement from us. 50% deposit is usually required. Longer term projects will have a specified payment scheduled in the agreement.

Once a project is started, I often set up online communications with clients. This allows them to view where I am at during the process 24 hours a day. It also saves me time in answering emails and phone calls. Clients can enter their requests and thoughts on each task. Time and energy is saved all the way around in the development process.

Our Services:

Platforms like WordPress, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Expression Engine, Magento and others save time and money during the development process. With open source software, upgrades and bug/security fixes are available as issues are found making ongoing maintenance a breeze. I specialize in customizing and extending these systems, allowing my clients to obtain their goals quickly.

On all projects, I keep best practices in mind. These include the use of code repositories, proper class design, best use of available tools rather than developing new code, and building your web site with marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in mind.

Technical Project Evaluation

Seeing the line items on paper simply isn’t enough sometimes. In order to properly evaluate projections, an investor has to review the expenses and development plan of the project to make sure it reflects accurate and realistic goals. Tech Investment Evaluation is available to those seeking Investors and Investors needing a professional analysis for a potential investment.

Other Services

I’m also available to web developers on a consultation basis. Sometimes two heads are better than one. I can point you in the right direction or offer creative solutions in your project during a MasterMind phone session. Many times, we can solve the development issues right over Skype.