Who am I

My name is Dave. I write code.

I’m software Architect and work at a company called ServerPress, LLC. We build software tools that help devlopers manage their workflow.

I started writing code when I was a teenager. At the time, I didn’t consider it to be a gift. It was simply a way to channel my creativity. I found satisfaction in being able to turn what my wife likes to call “monitor gibberish” into working technology soldiers that can help people increase productivity. Besides, I really liked hanging out at the school computer lab (AKA the Squirrel Cage). I quickly realized coding was second nature to me. And I loved it!

I had my first paid consulting job at the age of 16. It was writing accounting software for a CPA in Newport Beach, California.

By my mid twenties, I developed and packaged my own software product called Win:Probe. It quickly gained popularity among developers and system builders as a diagnostic tool. I’ve since consulted and worked with many large companies, specializing in version 1.0 products and prototypes.

Around 2007, my wife needed a website built for a non-profit dog rescue group that would track pet adoption data. Since they didn’t have the funding for something like this, they asked me if I’d help out. That was how I transitioned from older “shrink wrapped” software applications to cloud-based web applications. I never looked back. Gone are the days burning disks and stuffing boxes with manuals. The ability to upload software to the web and have it instantly accessible to your customers is something I never want to give up.

Over the years, as my web development skills evolved, I fell in love with something few developers want to touch: Shopping Cart Customization and Integration. I find that it satisfies my hunger for traditional architecting skills while working with ever-changing modern technologies. Web integration seems to be a sector I can really sink my teeth into and feel like I had a good meal. It’s like that cheeseburger you’ve been craving for after your wife fed you salads for three weeks.

Here’s more trivia about me…

  • I have a twin brother. He’s also a software developer. And no, we don’t code the same way.
  • I need about 30 minutes every morning to enjoy my coffee before coding. I have a rule: No coffee, No code.
  • I’m quite funny once you get to know me. But most people think my humor is an acquired taste.
  • My coding philosophy: Solid Code; Creating Light Weight Solutions that support goals and bottom line.
  • My dad was a rocket scientist who worked on cool NASA projects like Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.
  • The first computer I ever worked on was a Bally; in 1978 at a friend’s house.

Now, feel free to browse around. To know more about what I do, visit my Resume page. Or send me a message if you have a tech question regarding WordPress Integration or eCommerce Customization and Migration. I’m happy to help out however I can. Alternatively, you can shoot straight over to our company sites at: ServerPress.com and WPSiteSync.com.