Technical Project Evaluation

Many technological ideas are brilliant. However, it takes a combination of talents for an invention to succeed in today’s online market. As an Entrepreneur and Investor myself, I not only have a keen eye for web application technology but have the skills needed to review technology plans presented to Investors. Seeing the line items on paper simply isn’t enough sometimes. In order to properly evaluate projects, an investor has to review the expenses and development plan of the technology to make sure it reflects accurate and realistic goals.

Having worked on multi-million dollar health care and Anti-Virus software projects, I understand workflow and software architecture. In developing my own 1.0 Version products, sound business practices and ROI are always on my mind.

If you are an Investor looking for a second pair of eyes on your potential investment, Technical Project Evaluation is available. If you have a product and seeking investment opportunities, it’s a good idea to have an analysis accompany your Investor packet.

Some of the what this service includes:

  • A discussion on what the objectives and goals are
  • A check on how realistic their time frame for completion is
  • A check on how realistic their budget is for the technical aspects
  • An evaluation on potential risk areas
  • Recommendations

For rates, please contact me for a quote. A non-disclosure agreement will also be provided so you can protect your investment. Quote is based on the scope of the project and our research efforts and time invested in the written analysis. Quotes can range from several hundred to thousands.