Website Services

Even though my team and I can build applications from the ground up, I suggest working with off-the-shelf platforms like WordPress, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Expression Engine, Magento and others. This saves time and money during the development process. With open source software, upgrades and bug/security fixes are available as issues are found making ongoing maintenance a breeze. By doing this, Clients literally can have their cake and eat it too. A multi-million dollar project like Amazon may end up costing only a fraction of the price, depending on the company expansion rate. The development time also ends being much shorter, resulting in quick delivery to the Client.

Web Integration & Migration (Hybrid Systems):

Often Clients come to me because they want to self manage a portion of their web system. At the same time, they may have internal accounting or manufacturing restrictions that prevents them to migrate completely to WordPress. I can design a solution that allows the convenience of self management on specified areas while integrate it with an existing system they cannot part with due to various reasons.

Besides WordPress, I also work with platforms such as Drupal, CodeIgniter, Expression Engine, Magento and others. My team keeps best practices in mind. These include the use of code repositories, proper class design, best use of available tools rather than developing new code, and building your web site with marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in mind.

eCommerce Solutions:

Many business owners often think that in order to accommodate their internal accounting system or fulfillment house needs, they have to spend a lot of money building customized shopping carts from the ground up. This is not the case. Because my team and I live on the principles of ROI, we often build on top of existing frameworks or plugins. The positive result is often surprising to our Clients.

I specialize in shopping cart solutions. Some of the eCommerce Solutions I’ve worked with are Cart66, Easy Digital Downloads, eShop, JigoShop, PrestaShop, Shopp (, TheCartPress, WP e-Commerce, WooCommerce, osCommerce / Open Cart / Zen Cart (non-WP), Magento (non-WP). Since they each have their positive traits, we are happy to provide some recommendations based on your budget and goals.

Here is a sample list of the things that can be accomplished:

  • Automating a process
  • Web Application solutions
  • eCommerce features and integration
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Implement site features (design or function)
  • WordPress Plugins (new or fix/update existing)
  • Database Searching, Reporting, Display and Integration
  • Application Program Interfaces (API) to external services
  • Integrate Plugins; make plugins work better together or do things they didn’t originally do.

There’s much much more I can do with customization of these off-the-shelf platforms. So Dream It Up! I look forward to helping you in turning your Dream into Reality. When you are ready to discuss your Project, I’d be happy to share my thoughts and make recommendations. To book a FREE 30-Minute Consultation, you can follow the link or visit my Contact Me page.