WordPress Plugin Developer

Custom WordPress Plugins

The sky is the limit. Efficiency is the key when it comes to success online. Whether it’s just adding a feature, creating custom content types, providing better control for front page content, or adding an interface to allow WordPress to work with features or services from your other web sites, I have the background and experience to do just about anything.

I am available on a consulting basis to create a Custom WordPress Plugin for you. If you find that you are doing something over and over again in WordPress, then it’s likely that there is an opportunity to automate the process. Is there something that WordPress doesn’t do that you’d really like it to? Let me know and I’ll tell you what it would take to add that feature or functionality to WordPress.

WordPress Plugin no longer working…

Do you have a WordPress plugin that you’ve been using that has stopped working because you upgraded WordPress? I can fix the old plugin so that it works again with your new version of WordPress even if the plugin is no longer being supported by the original author.

I can also build a custom WordPress Theme for you. Or, if you like your current theme and want to take advantage of a new features in a more recent version of WordPress, I can perform a WordPress Theme Upgrade for you.

Feel free to Contact Me for details on WordPress Plugin Development and Custom Themes.